Guidelinesfor Parents

The school aims to achieve high quality of academic excellence and success for the students in all walks of life. To ensure the same, it is imperative to have support and co-operation from all the parents. Following are some of the guidelines to assist you in understanding the rules and regulations of the school
  • School Timings are from 7:55 am to 2:10 pm. Students are expected to reach school by 7:55 am on each working day i.e. Monday to Friday. Students reporting late will not be allowed to attend the school.
  • Students are expected to wear proper school uniform with their identity cards every day. Students in improper uniform will not be allowed to attend the school.
  • Fancy hair cuts are not allowed for boys and girls. Girls are supposed to make two plaits and those who have short hair, need to pin it up properly with black pins only.
  • Parents/their authorized guardian are expected to carry the I-Cards when they come to collect the child from bus stop or school premises, failing which the child would not be allowed to leave.
  • In case of change of any authorized person, particulars with photograph to be given to the school admin office at least 7 days in advance for issue of fresh I-Card against payment of Rs.100, failing which the child would not be allowed to leave the school premises.
  • Parents are expected to regularly check school's website as all the documents including circulars, worksheets etc will be uploaded on the same. No separate hardcopies will be provided. The personal login id with passwords will be provided to all the new admissions to access the same.
  • In case of any leave, please inform the facilitator through an application. If the parents have to take the child during school hours, a written application is to be given in the Almanac or submitted at the front desk by 12:00 noon. Verbal communication for the same will not be entertained. The child would be only allowed with the person carrying the I-Card.
  • No early dispersal of the students on the day of reflection.
  • Student will get the benefit of medical leave on the day of reflection only once a year against the submission of medical certificate on the day of reflection.
  • The school fee must be deposited by the 10th day of every quarter i.e April, July, October and January.
  • If arrangements have been made for a private conveyance to pick /drop the child from the school, it is the sole responsibility of the parents to see that the child reaches the school /home safely.
  • Parents are requested to check the almanac everyday for any information and duly sign it. Parents are requested not to make any changes in the school documents i.e. progress card, answer sheets etc. Any changes to be made can be done by school authorities only.
  • Students are expected to carry healthy and nutritious meals to the school. Should they desire, they can avail the facility from the school canteen on payment. Junk food like chips, cold drinks etc are not permitted in the school.
  • Students must ensure that they do not litter their classrooms /school premises and also discourage others from doing so. Eating in the school bus is not allowed.
  • Entry of the parents/guardians in the school during working hours is restricted.
  • Parents can meet the facilitators with a prior appointment only. The schedule for the regular parent/facilitator interaction will be intimated on regular basis.
  • Both parents are requested to attend the parent facilitator interaction and all events of the school where their presence is expected by the scheduled time.
  • If the student is willing to attend the PTM they must be in proper school uniform. Students coming with their parents in colored / civil dress will not be allowed to attend the PTM.
  • Parents must carry I-card as well as their ward's almanac on the day of PTM or in any other meeting in the school.
  • Parents and guardian are expected to maintain the school decorum. Any kind of groupism, use of abusive language, verbal threat, derogatory remark or insulting behavior against the school staff will be unacceptable and the school management can take appropriate action in accordance to the law.
  • Any change of address /phone number must be intimated to the school with a written application.
  • Avoid sending your ward with any expensive/fancy item to the school such as gold chain/watches /I-Pads etc.
  • Bringing of mobile phones is strictly prohibited. If found, same will be confiscated and will be returned only in the end of the session.
  • For birthday celebrations, the school encourages students to distribute two sweets or one chocolate per child. "No packed gift will be accepted".
  • Students are not allowed to bring cakes /gifts to the school for celebrating birthday of facilitator/any staff member or on any other occasion.
  • Your ward is expected to bring almanac, handkerchief and a clean napkin every day.
  • Please do not send your child to the school if he/she is suffering from conjunctivitis/small pox/measles/running high fever etc as such students will be sent back home by calling parents immediately.
  • Students must take care of the school property. Damaging school furniture, writing on the walls or disfiguring school property will be dealt strictly.
  • Use of abusive/vulgar language is strictly prohibited in the school and may lead to serious consequences.
  • For any act of serious indiscipline, the school reserves its right to expel the student with or without warning.
  • Bursting of crackers or splashing of colors in the school is forbidden.
  • The school has "Must and More" in its panel to handle any medical emergency. A team of doctors carries out annual medical checkup of students.
  • Please note important telephone numbers: Front Desk 27034798/27034799, Administrative officer 9718930037, Transport in charge 9718930000

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